Thursday, January 7, 2010

In The Depths

In the depths of my heart,
amidst happiness and felicity
there are moments
moments of desperation and wistfulness
and anguish of some pointless affinity.

Unparalleled and unexpressed
they lie deep down in my heart.
the looks of hatred and dissent
that afflicts the heart more than the mind,
the soul more than the body
and the aversion sensed through the discourse;
stings the eternal soul evermore...

The feeling of a relation breaking
and turning worthless;
matters a lot,
because relationships are bound by the heart.

But a relationship full of contempt
is far more piercing.
the feeling that this torment will never cease,
makes my heart shed tears
Won't my heart ever rest in peace?


  1. seems like a familiar territory..
    hope writing this helped in finding the much needed peace.. do write poetry more often.. you have a way with words.. :)