Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Every Picture Tells A Story...

They say "every picture tells a story". This one is no different, though it does throw up more questions than what it answers.
For starters, what is it that she is capturing on her camera?
Where is this photograph taken? It looks like a classroom to me, with the blackboard in the background.
Is she wearing a watch on her right wrist?
And most importantly, what does her face look like? Her long arms, fingers and endless, washboard abs suggest that she is a tall lady.

I came across this image on the internet and quite frankly, I've fallen for her, big time.  The delicate arch of her back, the perfectly toned arms with the solitary bracelet on her left arm, the snug t-shirt hugging her body and accentuating her slim, graceful figure and the hair pulled together neatly, make the camera quite inconsequential. Or so you would think. As it turns out, the camera is the reason why she's standing the way she is.

Questions there are aplenty, but this picture does give me one answer that makes me feel good. There is no ring in the fourth finger of her left hand... :)

-- Harshvardhan.


  1. alright, good posts.

    I like the variation in all of them.

    You should write more :)

    That's pretty much it

  2. Intriguing questions... nicely put.

    Will reiterate what Pallav said - You should keep writing.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Shakti. I'll try to be more regular.