Friday, February 10, 2012

Because Life Follows No Game Plan

"Free at last", his weary mind thought,
But his life for him had other plans,
What he imagined as his toughest test,
Was only the beginning of a scam.

A scam that life plays with us all,
It throws at us test after test,
And just when you think it's all over and done,
It reminds you to give it your best.

You think your best isn't nearly enough,
"After all, how much can one man take?",
"I'm not leaving you with any option, son",
Replies that gentle voice in your head.

That voice in your head tells you all that you want,
But not necessarily all what you need,
And that's when your conscience starts knocking around
Persistently, for you to pay heed.

And if you pay heed to that pricking knock,
You won't see life as playing a scam,
With a clear conscience, you'll give it all that you got,
Because life follows no game-plan.

-- Harshvardhan.


  1. This is so real
    Specially the last line
    Knowing what you want and knowing what you need to get what you want are different things
    Knowing them both and not acting on it is stupidity

    I really love what you write : )

  2. That is a good inference you have drawn. Thank you for the kind words. :)

  3. I so agree. I wish I could write like you! Especially the last few lines.

  4. Thank you, C! You know I feel the same way with your writing. :)

  5. what a beautiful inspirational poem.. loved the last stanza.. god bless! :)