Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Night For Conscious Dreams

Lying awake on my bed it seems,
To be a night for conscious dreams,
Of any fantasy, or a nightmare,
That plagues you in bottomless despair.

As my eyes adjust to the dark,
I squint at the shadows of a life unmasked.
A moment to reflect on the day gone past,
A continuum of experiences rushing by thick and fast.

Do I dwell on the good or learn from the bad?
Do I bask in the joy or wallow in the sad?
Do I make new promises or break the old?
The questions abound, the answers untold.

I blink, I think, I dream, I yearn,
To unravel the mysteries my reveries churn,
The mind turns foggy in this labyrinthine maze,
As sleep envelopes me in a groggy haze.

-- Harshvardhan.

Painting: 'Night Dreams' by Yuri Pysar.


  1. I like the image of dreams that the story portrays and I like the fact that you're rhyming :)


  2. yeah nice to see a rhyming verse.. :)

  3. Beautifully penned down. And, I love how descriptive it is :)

  4. Thank you for the kind words, Pallav, Aria and Anjali. Encouragement is always nice.
    This was penned down in a moment of sheer suffocation and despair. So yes, it helped release the stress. :)

  5. Very apt.
    The rhyming makes it all the more amazing : )