Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Album Review. "Wasting Light" by Foo Fighters.

Wasting Light is the seventh studio album by American alternative rock band Foo Fighters. It was released on April 12, 2011. The title of the album is taken from the lyrics of the song "Miss the Misery".

Here is a short review of all the songs on the album:

Track #1: Bridge Burning
Perfect beginning to a Foo Fighters album. Pacy and relentless. One of my personal favorites on this record. Whets your appetite nicely.

Track #2: Rope
Unconventional rhythm. Should grow on you with repeat hearings. Gets better as the song progresses.

Track #3: Dear Rosemary
Good riffs, bass and layering with the guitars. Grohl's voice is pained on this one. Which is probably what comes across from the lyrics.

Track #4: White Limo
Grohl growling. Sounds like the music from the opening credits roll of the movie 'School Of Rock'. For those of my friends who are new to the Alternative Rock genre or this band, please do not hear this song.

Track #5: Alandria
Rollicking, rhythmic track. Kickass, brilliant lyrics! Grohl in fine form. Arguably the best track on this album, along with Track #11.
The head shall be moved and nodded in time with the music. I promise you that. Just make sure you follow the lyrics too on this one. Just awesome.
This song is the absolute perfect definition of an ideal Alt Rock track.

Track #6: These Days
Very good song with profound lyrics, except that the chorus could have been little better.

Track #7: Back & Forth
Again, very very good song, except that the music, rhythm and lyrics on the chorus leave a lot to be desired.

Track #8: A Matter Of Time
What. A. Song !! Melodious Rock. Angst. Mature, fatalistic sound.

Track #9: Miss The Misery
Braveness percolates throughout this track. Dont miss this please.

Track #10: I Should Have Known
The lyrics on this beautiful song reflect the mood of the album. Supreme track. You should know!

Track #11: Walk
The BEST track right at the end. Absolute ripper of a song. Classic Foo Fighters. Tried and tested formula. Still sounds so blood-rushingly heady. And when Mr. Grohl goes on one of his trademark, relentless streaks towards the latter part of the track, with lyrics such as:
"Forever, whenever, I never wanna die... I never wanna leave, and never say goodbye... Forever, whenever... Forever, whenever...", you know you have heard a maestro at the top of his game, signing off with a flourish.

This is the most mature and consistent Foo Fighters album yet, for me. Consistent in terms of the indivdual excellence of each of its' tracks.
Almost all tracks work for me. Dave Grohl & Co. have consciously made an effort to give more meaning and depth to their music.
Wasting Light works on many levels. It has excellent production values. The songwriting is excellent. The album cover is excellent, visually appealing and ofcourse, meaningful as always. All in all, its a complete package. Needless to say, a must have in your collection for all you die-hard Foo Fighters fans. And a must hear for every Alternative Rock junkie.

Rating: 9/10

Disclaimer: The views expressed are my own. Not everyone will agree with this assessment. Feel free to post your comments. :)



  1. I listened to this album after you suggested it to me some days back, and boy, it was a pleasure! Any alternative rock fan would love this.

    My personal favourite - Walk followed by Alandria.

    Crisp and concise review layered with fitting words. Well done :)