Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Your Darkest Fear

Forgetting a person near,
One you hold to your heart dear,
In your dreams who does appear,
Is tougher than your darkest fear.

And then you wonder, dusk and dawn,
How to will your heart to move on,
Hope ways and means to carry on,
Leave the one who almost did belong.

Slowly as your mind drifts ashore,

To the sands of scars your memories bore,
The pain of relentless passion galore,
You wish to desperately store.

That ceaseless, desperate lament,
In your throat builds a monument,
Mistakes that your soul repents,
Echo forevermore in mute torment.

-- Harshvardhan.


  1. Brilliant.Speaks my mind largely.

  2. sad poem, captures the sadness well...good going man...

  3. Good one Harsh.. keep writing.

  4. nicely written...:)...btw visit my blog too www.techactions.wordpress.com....if ure interested in tech news and opinions...:)